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About Us

Welcome to Rompin Rainforest Lodge, a unique Malaysian jungle accommodation experience situated in the heart of the 130 million year old Endau-Rompin forest complex. Breathe in the fresh jungle air, listen to the flowing waters of the Kinchin river, and take in the scenic views of the natural surroundings.

Or challenge yourself with a guided adventure trek to the Mahkota waterfall and be rewarded with a swim below the 50-metre cascading fall. After a full day of activity, relax with a rewarding meal at our Main Lodge and rest in the comfort of our fully equipped lodges.

Relax, refresh and reconnect with nature: a unique rainforest adventure awaits you at Rompin State Park, Pahang.


The State Park

Rompin State Park, or Taman Negeri Rompin (TNR) is located in the district of Rompin, Pahang. It was gazetted by the Pahang State Government as Permanent Reserved Forest, under functional class of State Park Forest in the year 2000. Covering an area of 31,797 hectares, this protected forest is sustainably managed by Pahang State Forestry Department

TNR is a forest area that is blessed with interesting features of flora and fauna, geology and history. It has a unique natural beauty and pristine forests that are hard to find elsewhere. Among the natural resources available in TNR include 253 species of birds recorded in TNR along with 83 species of mammals including bats, 14 species of snakes, 9 lizards and 3 turtles. In addition, the forest is also famous for tourist attractions such as Seri Mahkota waterfall, a 50-metre cascading fall with a natural pool at the bottom where visitors can enjoy a unique swimming experience. Another attraction but accessible by hiking trail only is Padang Tujuh, a unique forest with three different types of vegetation and endemic flora diversity. The three main rivers of Sungai Kinchin, Ulu Kemapan and Sungai Kernam situated within the state park allow visitors to kayak in clear waters amongst pristine wilderness surroundings.

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